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To identify the best courses offered by or any other tutoring service in Dhaka Metropolitan City, you should consider the following steps:
Start by visiting the website  or contact them directly to gather information about the tutoring service, qualifications, and background of the tutor.

Reviews and testimonials:
hometutorsbd.comLook for reviews and testimonials from students or parents who have used their services. Online reviews or recommendations from friends and family can provide valuable information about the quality of their course.

Tutor position:
Learn about the qualifications and experience of  tutors affiliated with Check out their educational  and teaching credentials.  Trial lesson:
If possible, request a trial session or consultation to evaluate the tutor's teaching style and suitability for you or your child's learning needs.

Request references: 
Ask for a referral from a tutoring service to speak directly with previous clients who can give feedback on their experience.

Compare services:
Consider comparing with other tutoring services in Dhaka Metropolitan City to see which  best suits your educational goals and requirements.

Check transparency:
Ensure  tutoring services are transparent about prices, policies and tutor qualifications.

If possible, check to see if the tutoring service is accredited by  educational agencies or organizations, which can be a sign of quality and reliability.  Consult with educators:
Seek advice and recommendations from educators or teachers who may have insight into reputable tutoring services in the area.

Remember, the best tutoring service for you or your child will depend on individual needs and preferences. It is important that you do your due diligence, research thoroughly and make an informed decision when choosing a tutoring service in Dhaka Metropolitan City. 

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